Whisky Lover

Keep track of your Whisky collection!

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WhiskyLover helps you keep track of Whiskies you have tasted or want to taste.

Here's all you need to keep track of your whiskies, regardless if it's a Scotch single malt, an Irish pure pot still or an American straight bourbon.

To your help, most of the worlds known destilleries are in the destillerylist when adding a new whiskynote, just choose the correct country and, (if applicable), the correct region.
( You still need to add the name of the whisky, the proof etc. and of course your own notes. )

There's also a favoritelist and a shoppinglist, where you can add what you need to buy and what you want to taste again.
The possibility to save a photo of the whiskybottle together with the whisky note.
A list for the owned whiskies you have.